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Paths to a Contemporary School

Since 2005, we offer seminars, further education and teacher training in Bolzano. This offer is addressed to all those who wish to get to know or deepen their understanding of the pedagogy and anthroposophy of Rudolf Steiner. In 1919 the first Waldorf school was founded in Stuttgart in accordance with the principles of Rudolf Steiner. Nearly 100 years later, we find that there are more than 1000 Waldorf schools worldwide, which means it is the largest school association in the world.
What is the secret to this wide spread of schools? The secret is a pedagogy based on a vision of humanity, like an “ideal image” based on a strong awareness of the stage of development of “becoming human”. And the premise that makes this work possible is that people get together who are interested and willing to share the vision of being human and make themselves available for a collaborative effort so as to create a new social and educational impulse.
If you listen in more detail to a lecture on pedagogical topics, you realize how strong the impulse has become for the renewal of society. Those who care about the new generations, be it parents, teachers or educators, should try to respond to the needs of children and adolescents, who are important at the moment, and to respond to questions that concern them. These meetings are intended as an impetus to our work in order to find possible and appropriate solutions to the questions that the young people show us through their sometimes incomprehensible behavior. If one can interpret the above behaviour, it means finding a way to give an appropriate response to our times.
Help the young people to recognize themselves, to understand their strengths and weaknesses, to learn where their passions and talents lie in order to have the courage to live in good health and to grow in happiness!
•   Experience empowerment!
•   Be brave!
•   Discover competences!
•   Be happy!
•   Live passionately!
•   Maintain health!
•   Be grounded!
•   Learn through experience!
A selection of our speakers: Heiner Priess, Martanda J. Jost, Kent Unrau, Wolfgang Kollmann, Manuel Jendry, Utha Mahler, Tina Iacobaccio, Rossanna Celeghin, Pino Annamaria, Nives Magosso, Isabelle Vedani, ecc.
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“Watch your thoughts; they become your words…
Watch your words; they become your actions…
Watch your actions; they become your habits…
Watch your habits; they become your character…
Watch your character, for it will become your destiny.”