WOB Bolzano has been successfully involved in various research programs as a project leader and partner organization in Europe in recent years:
Interreg III Austria – Italy 2004-2006
Encounters of German and Italian culture from the perspective of Waldorf Education 1 + 2 (Freie Waldorfschule Innsbruck, Freie Waldorfschule “Christian Morgenstern” Meran, WOB – Waldorf Oberstufe Bozen)
Grundtvig Lifelong Learning Programme 2008-2010
Multilateral Project: ARTID – Identity and Difference – Creative Artistic Exercises as Didactic Support in Adult Education (Alytus Music School, The Playhouse|London-Derry, Akademie Anthroposophische Erwachsenenbildung|Wien, EUROB – WOB – Waldorf Oberstufe Bozen, Alanus Werkhaus|Alfter, GAB München)
Comenius – Lifelong Learning Programme 2012 – 2014
Il Totalitarismo|Totalitarian systems after the First World War, their causes, effects at the time and their consequences in today’s Europe (Waldorf School Vienna West – Freie Waldorf Schule Luxembourg – WOB Waldorf Ober- & Mittelstufe Bozen)
ESF – European Social Fund 2022 – 2023
Project together with the Montessori Coop, Kohlern – “Pedagogical Helpdesk – Waldorf 2022” – Further education for teachers 2022 – Training measures to strengthen the personality and learning success – Summer school;
New research projects are currently being prepared in cooperation with European youth organisations and partners in the university world. The projects deal with the current issues of the time and with the question of previous and new reform pedagogy, the need for a pedagogy for the 21st century.