The International Art Academy “WOB” is a free and privately run academy and is part of an international education system. The “WOB” is a voluntary non-profit social association and is the successor of the European Association for the Promotion of Waldorf Education, which was founded in 2004. The association has its own legal personality and is autonomous in the areas of didactics, organisation, research, school development, school trials, administration and finances. Although it does not have equal status, it has adhered academically to the framework guidelines of the education authority of the Autonomous Province of Bolzano since the school was founded. Since its foundation, the school has been led by Director Markus Mari Feichter. He is also the first point of contact for all questions about the international 3-language green art academy “WOB”.
In addition to the daily school life, the supporting association WOB also organises musical and literary cultural events, cultural trips, theatre performances, artistic exhibitions, internships for the voluntary year and much more. Visit us or write to us at