Ten hours of art, culture and music!

To express freedom, independence and have new, upcoming challenges, the Waldorf high school Bolzano has decided to start a music festival. The “WHATCHAMACALLIT” Waldorf Music Festival was launched with the active support of former students and the founder of the charity festival “Miracle-Hill” Berti Risè, who found his beginnings in the 12th grade of his annual work : A festival that is all about music and art. Every year in summer / autumn, the Whatchamacallit Waldorf Music Festival takes place in Bolzano. Take a look at our blog! There you will find a large collection of pictures and impressions of the WHATCHAMACALLIT festival.

The posters from the Festivals 2015 - 2017

Experience Shanti Powa Orchestra up close

Shanti Powa Orchestra with our ex-alumni Ariel, Berti and Michael

Artist market at Whatchamacallit Waldorf Music Festival

Shanti Powa - Alpine Jamaican Raggae from the Dolomites, the UNESCO World Heritage 

Color Colectif beguilding. Also with Ariel, ex alumni WOB and Mathematic Teacher

Easy get-together at the Whatchamacallit Music Festival

Oachele fan Toule! See you soon!