Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement explains
our values and goals.


A look into the past of the WOB:
The Early Days


A short presentation
of all hands and heads of the WOB.


Let’s find out together about the Campus
and the premises of the WOB.


A place for mindful, creative, communal and self-determined learning

The WOB is part of a large international movement where there are exchange programs available for our students. These programs are characterised by an emphasis on intercultural tolerance and ongoing social and interpersonal communicative training.
In particular, through artistic work such as painting, sculpture, and acting students cultivate independency, character development, and team building skills.
In addition, students with learning difficulties are assisted by an individual learning support aide so they can progress through to the Waldorf graduation diploma.
In our school we want to create a space for fearless and inspired daily learning. The all day lessons are based on the principles of using the head, hand and heart and include various modules such as linguistics, music, mathematics, social, physical-kinesthetic and existential competence. Regular internships provide the basis for hands-on learning and travelling excursions give students insights into their own and foreign cultures.