Beginning & Closing Ceremony

Look forwards and backwards

The beginning and ending are always two important moments of a school year. Having a social gathering of new and old students, parents, teachers, staff, friends and relatives fosters our WOB community. Whilst grilling vegetables and sausages, pizza baking, making a good home-made apple juice or plum cake, one can soon find the right words to talk about the summer holidays or the past school year. Everyone brings with them what they enjoy and want to share with others. Did my child spend the summer vacationing from school or preparing for late exams? Did my daughter’s summer work at the alm go well? What kind of development did my child make in the course of the school year and did the children and adolescents learn a lot of new and useful things this year?
Moments to pause and to play music!
Moments to look forward and backward, at the school year, my life and our life in the community.
Practice mindfulness!