The Whatchamacallit

Ten hours of music, art and culture

Beginning & Closing Ceremony

An end is also always a start

Monthly Celebrations

Giving family and friends an idea of our learning

Theater & Musicals

Theaters and musicals are an exciting group experience

Open Day

A whole day at the WOB for the curious

Art Degree

Specially at the WOB: the Art Degree


Highlights of the year bring us much joy, strength and satisfaction

If we can show what we have learned through diligence, perseverance, discipline, technique and heart, then this gives us the necessary mindfulness to grow healthy and self-confident. Our monthly celebrations, concerts such as our WHATCHAMACALLIT Festival or the Art-Conference in Canterbury, school competitions, the Innsbruck Film Festival, musical performances, and many more are the perfect settings to showcase our talents and to enjoy together.