Our graduates are involved!

Former WOB students are always welcome so we can hear them talk about their current life. Some are still studying in Venice, Vienna, London, Maastricht, Bologna, Brussels, Innsbruck, Bressanone, Rome, Trento, Dublin, Verona, Barcelona, ​​Milan, Tel-Aviv, etc or have already graduated successfully. Not all have been accepted with our graduation diploma, but have found other positive solutions, such as completing entrance exams and/or additional exams.
Others joined the Expo-Milano, are working as new teachers, dental assistants, are young farmers or gardeners engaged in organic or biodynamic cultivation, musicians or event managers, journalists or have proven themselves reliable and committed in other social areas.
Each and every one of you has the opportunity to make the world a little more beautiful, happier and better and to give more to society and the earth than you take.
Speaking of possibilities and truths, we know that lessons should come from the heart and everyone should be involved in the happiness of others and of one’s own.
According to the teachings of the Buddha, the Four Noble Truths were at the center of his life about 2600 years ago:
1. Happiness
2. The way to happiness
3. The absence of happiness
4. The reason for its absence

“Who enters, bring love to this home. Who tarries within, seek knowledge at this place. Who departs, take peace along from this house.”

Rudolf Steiner