Watching the pros: Internships at the WOB!

The internships, which accompany the pupils through their school time, are a fundamental part of the Waldorf schools and their pedagogy. On the one hand, insights are to be given in a specific topic and on the other, the competencies and knowledge of the students should be explored. For a certain period of time, they can then work in a company or organization and look over the professionals’ shoulders and gain insight into a possible future professional world or not.
In the 9th class, the agricultural internship takes place where the growth cycle can be observed and shaped.
For the 10th class, the craft internship is considered in which self-doing and creating can be experienced.
In the 11th grade, it’s time for the social internship and the foreign language internship. New social truths and cultures can be experienced, as well as language skills which are practically enhanced.
And in the 12th grade, the students finally have the opportunity to gain an insight into the possible dream career through the work / study orientation internship.
In the 13th grade students are given a week to get to know universities or future jobs.