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Theater, musicals and festivals —
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Life is reason enough
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Unknown cultures, wonderful encounters,
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Discover the world
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Curious to see how we do
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Green and Social Academy 
of Arts since 2004

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Ten hours of music,
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Music Festival

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WOB = World Open Brain

The Waldorf High School, Bolzano (WOB) is a international general education high school with an arts, crafts and social focus based on an extended Waldorf education. The basic subject canon corresponds to that of an art grammar school specializing in the performing and visual arts.
We are a private school in a trilingual region. In our teaching approach, we take into consideration the pioneering educators like Rudolf Steiner, Maria Montessori, Johann H. Pestalozzi and Jesper Juul as we are part of the worldwide Waldorf movement with over 1100 schools and colleges.
The WOB covers the upper level from 9th till 13th grade.
With us, the students is the centre of attention.

The WOB in numbers:

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What do we stand for?

The WOB stands for the enrichment of the school landscape of South Tyrol with head, heart and hand. We understand ourselves as Waldorf high and middle school, which works in a multilingual region of Europe on the basis of the pedagogy of J. H. Pestalozzi and Rudolf Steiner that concludes with the Waldorf degree.

What is important for us?

We do not stick to standards, but to the individual and try to support him / her in his abilities and interests in self-determined learning and action. Everybody should be able to face the environment and the fellow human beings with respect and empathy and constantly grow personally.

What makes us special?

We offer a wide range of subjects based on the equality of cognitive and artistic skills. We promote an encounter between school and the world of work, rely on various forms of examination and learning strategies, and open the door to distant worlds for the children.

Our blog with photos and travel reports!

Here, you’ll find a collection of photos and reports of our adventures, travels and events in the past. Have a look!

Who is welcome?

WOB welcomes enterprising young people who, by working together, want to experience the growth and development of a school, and those who want to explore the world, cultures and foreign languages while still at school.

What are our networks?

The WOB is embedded in a local, national and worldwide network of universities, schools, and agricultural, craft, and technology companies that provides countless possibilities for our students to learn, experience and meet. Numerous internships and exchange programs offer students the opportunity to meet and experience a wide range of diverse people, cultures and languages.

Who is the WOB?

The WOB is a large but personal community of students, parents, teachers, artists, experts and creators, all working to make school, teaching and learning even more diverse and interesting – and at the same time celebrate the fun in life and learning!

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